Foreign commodity inspectors visited Sanya factory and inspected Sanya products, Sanya got “pass” ag
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Date: 2024-03-14
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Recently, Tanzania National Bureau of Standards (TBS) sent staffs to Sanya factory, for the detailed commodity inspection of its motorcycle testing, parts testing and other testing items. It proves and ensures that motorcycles of Sanya exporting to Tanzania are according with the relevant local technical standards. Only the products according with COC(Certificate Conformity) can be exported to the local market, and it makes sure that the local consumers can enjoy the high quality products. Now commodity inspectors will go into Sanya to check with us.


The scene that Tanzanian commodity inspectors checked motorcycle testing carefully.

First of all, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, Tanzanian commodity inspector examined Sanya motorcycle inspection process and standards strictly. The entire process is rigorous and meticulous, each detail had been tested carefully. They went into Sanya production workshop and checked each motorcycle on the production line carefully to ensure that each motorcycle is meeting local and international high quality standards.


Tanzanian commodity inspectors checked motorcycle parts being tested at our testing center.

In addition to motorcycle testing, foreign commodity inspectors also focused on parts testing. Parts testing is a crucial part of the entire production process, only each part meets the requirements, the whole motorcycle can ensure quality. Therefore, they had a deep understanding of the quality requirements and testing standards of each part of Sanya to ensure the quality and stability of parts.


Tanzanian commodity inspectors checked the motorcycle production process at Sanya production line.

In the process of inspecting motorcycle and engine production line, Tanzanian commodity inspectors gave full recognition and affirmation to Sanya production environment, production equipment and production process and so on. Especially in the warehouse inspection link, they gave full of praise for warehouse management.


Tanzanian commodity inspectors gave full of praise for warehouse management.

Tanzania commodity inspectors gave high recognition to Sanya quality management system and advanced production technology. They believed that Sanya products have the potential to lead Tanzanian market. After the inspection of TBS, Sanya is full of confidence in the quality control and development prospects of products.

Sanya will continue to work hard to improve product quality continuously, provide customers with best products and services, so that Sanya products will get a bright in Tanzania and the international market!

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