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Charitable Project

For love riding
For the love riding project is a long-term public action, officially launched in January 2017, composed of a series of public welfare activities, each action focus on different areas of the object, including riding safety training, poor mountain donations, emergency relief Field, the whole journey through the completion of the mission. For the love riding members living around, be willing to participate in action. If you need it, welcome to provide clues!


▲Sanya "riding for love" launching ceremony


▲Sanya motorcycle club for love

Sanya public welfare forest

▲Sanya African tree planting activities


▲Sanya public welfare forest activities

Sanya public welfare forest is Sanya company practice "innovation, energy saving, for the planet to save more limited resources, the construction of green earth" mission of the long-term, global public welfare projects. Every year, Sanya will organize internal workers and the community together to build public welfare forest. At present, Sanya public welfare forest all over the world, in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, Oceania has Sanya lush public welfare forest.


Donated to help students

▲Sanya charity donation ceremony


▲Sanya subsidizes poor primary schools

Since the establishment of Sanya, has always attached great importance to the poor families of targeted work, and regularly funded and visited condolences to poor families, is committed to every poor family of children can feel at ease until the university graduate.