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San Ya's core values are: Let's farther and far closer, since 1997, we have been committed to achieving that goal. At the same time, it is also the basis of all our work. Over the past 20 years, Sanya ® in the rapid development of the accumulation of mature experience, Sanya ® has a motorcycle, electric car two business clusters, has now grown into China's major motorcycle and electric car manufacturers. 

SanYa®Deal shop business

Motorcycle and electric vehicle sales

Everything starts on the ride. Variety of San Ya & reg; motorcycle and electric car sales can help Mo Youmou find their own dream car.

Original parts and accessories

The original parts and accessories department to help the owner of daily modification and maintenance.

Original service and technical training

The after-sales service department of the store is dedicated to extending the service life of motorcycles and electric vehicles and ensuring the customer's experience. San Ya is responsible for after-sales service technicians are certified professionals, they are rich in maintenance and maintenance of motorcycles and electric car experience.

Become SanYa®Dealer requirements

In order to make the cause of sustainable development, in order to provide users with exclusive Sanya & reg; high-quality riding services, dealer candidates need to meet the following requirements:

360° Fit Support

Marketing Support

For different countries and regions, to develop in line with the actual situation of investors, in line with regional characteristics and targeted marketing strategies, and regularly carry out a unified promotional activities to ensure that investors in the business of healthy growth.

360° Support

For investors to provide comprehensive after-sale technical guidance and training, strict implementation of the national standard "Three Guarantees" after-sales service policy to avoid investors to worry about, really worry-free operation.

Product Support

Investors have exclusive rights to the San Ya® Motorcycle and EV family models and localized services to enjoy product growth and service innovation for increased profitability without worrying about a single profit decline in product mix and service model.

Brand Support

Investors can enjoy the Sanya regional meetings and promotions, road advertising, highway advertising and other brands to support the three brands continue to invest in the brand to bring the brand upgrade premium.

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