A heavy punch! Sanya destroyed the counterfeit products again!
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Date: 2024-04-03
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Author: SANYA

      On March 15,2024, the executive board of Chongqing High People's Court and the main person in charge of the intellectual Property Court attended the scene to supervise the whole process to ensure the fair and rigorous execution of the destruction of Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. involved in the infringement products [involving ZL201430337688.3 combination tail lights (SY 110-2) infringing appearance design patent nine varieties, 1050 pcs each variety, a total of 9450]. In order to ensure the authenticity and transparency of the destruction process, the court not only invited two Chongqing NPC deputies to supervise, but also hired a notary from the notary office to witness the destruction process. The on-site destruction of fake and shoddy products shows the determination of Sanya company to protect intellectual property rights,and also rings the alarm to those peers who are keen to copy Sanya’s hot-selling models.


No.1 On-site destruction of fake and shoddy products 

       At 9:30 am,when the destruction process officially began, the court prepared excavators and forklifts to crush and destroy the parts involved. The whole process lasted from the morning to 4 pm, and each link was carried out in strict accordance with the procedure without any deviation.This centralized supervision and destruction is not only a serious setback to the serious infringement of intellectual property rights and harm to the interests of consumers, but also a warning for counterfeiting and selling counterfeit goods.


No.2 On-site destruction of fake and shoddy products 

       Since its establishment, Sanya company knows that there are hidden trampling on the rights and interests of consumers behind every fake and shoddy products, which is a serious challenge to the long-term development of the enterprise. In order to always adhere to the persistent pursuit of quality, the interests of consumers in the first place, for those shoddy in the market, posing as genuine bad behavior has always been the focus of Sanya company tracking the object. Sanya company has always believed that only the strict protection of intellectual property rights and to build a fair competition market environment avoid the vicious cycle of bad money driving out good money in the motorcycle industry, Sanya company hope by their own efforts we can arouse more enterprise responsibility consciousness, jointly safeguard market order, and the rights and interests of consumers. Only by eliminating fake and shoddy products, the market can be more standardized, consumers can buy at ease, use at ease!


No.3 On-site destruction of fake and shoddy products 

       Sanya company's counterfeit measures is undoubtedly a powerful stop to this phenomenon, and also set a good example for the whole industry. Although the future to fight against fake and shoddy road is still very long,but Sanya company's determination is firm. Let's work together to eliminate fake goods, protect intellectual property rights and integrity for China's motorcycle industry!

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