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Date: 2023-08-24
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Author: SANYA

Call for "My Stories with SANYA" with prizes

Share the story then have a chance to win a branded mobile phone that worth USD 600

Activity area: West Africa, North Africa

Since built in 1996, SANYA Motorcycle has been accompanying 3 million users around all over the world as the most reliable partner.

SANYA always keeps chasing dreams with the users together.

As a SANYA motorcycle owner, do you have any unforgettable memories with SANYA ?

From now on, we will solicit your wonderful travel experiences with SANYA motorcycles.

The first phase: From West Africa and North Africa area.

It will be a precious chapter of the story collection "My Stories with SANYA".

At the same time, you will have a chance to win exquisite gifts from SANYA company!

For more details of the event

please follow Facebook page: SANYA motorcycle



Activity time

Now until October 10, 2023

Way to participate

  1.Follow Facebook page Sanya motorcycle

  2.Post your stories on your Facebook account

  3.Add hashtags #sanyaandme and #sanyamotorcyclethen @SANYA Motorcycle

  You can participate in the activity by using videos and pictures&texts, and the content is closely related to the theme "My Stories with Sanya"

  If using video, the video duration should not be less than 40s;

  If using pictures&texts, the text should not be less than 100 words, and the pictures should not be less than 4 pieces;


Activity rewards  (selected separately for West Africa and North Africa)

1 high-quality content award: a branded mobile phone worth USD600

2 most creative awards: an outdoor multifunctional radio worth USD70

3 most popular prizes: an outdoor Bluetooth speakers worth USD50

10 best communication awards: Sanya exclusive commemorative gift - travel backpack

42 Participation prizes: Sanya exclusive commemorative gift - Messenger bag

High-quality content that fits the theme has a chance to be selected, and SANYA will make a theme video for the event

High-quality content has the opportunity to display on SANYA Motorcycle Facebook page and SANYA official media platform


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