The Ninth culture festival&25th anniversary of SANYA motorcycle
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Date: 2020-10-26
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In October 10th 2020,”my homeland,my company,my home”GuangZhou Sanya motorcycle the ninth culture festival&25th anniversary had a grand ceremony. Leaders of the business federation, motorcycle and electric vehicle industry media, representatives of dealers and suppliers, all Sanya employees and some employees’ family members, and partly separated Sanya employees participated in this event


Under the bumpy environment this year, Sanya was not only unaffected, but also faced difficulties, achieved new breakthroughs in production and sales and successfully held this event, which is inseparable from the strength of the motherland. So at the beginning of the event, the management of Sanya Company led the audience to stand up and sang "My Motherland" in unison, thanking the great motherland. The small red flag waving in the audience was even more shining against the blue Sanya work clothes




General Manager Li of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. took the stage and gave a speech. He pointed out: It has been 25 years since Sanya was founded,it is the ninth cultural festival today. This is inseparable from the good policy of opening up of the country and the motherland. Being strong is inseparable from the Sanya family who grew up and struggled with Sanya in the past and now! We should internalize our family and country feelings in our hearts, transform them into everyone’s actions, do our own job in a down-to-earth manner, engrave our family and country feelings on ordinary posts,guard and protect our home,our country.



According to statistics, Sanya has 268 employees who have been employed by Sanya for more than three years, accounting for 63% of all employees. This fully shows that Sanya can give employees a strong sense of belonging. At the event, Sanya Company awarded awards to employees who have worked for more than 10, 15 and 20 years, thanking them for their dedication to Sanya.


Culture is the soul of an enterprise. Since 2006, Sanya Corporate Culture Festival has been held for nine sessions. Each session uses a variety of innovative activities to showcase the theme of the cultural festival. This year is no exception, such as: Through the Internet media, a short video contest of "We are all Sanya propagandists" was held, and a public welfare inspection activity for the love of riding was held.


The multi-talented Sanya people, with national, corporate and family cultural elements, carefully arranged wonderful programs. The situational stage drama "My Motherland, My comany, My Home", which reflects the country's anti-epidemic and corporate affection, tells the warm story of Sanya employees in finding their beloved daughter using the song of Sanya's image as a link.


Youthful vitality is an important part of Sanya's culture. The dynamic dance "Common Destiny" rehearsed by Sanya's post-90s members shows the energetic spirit of the younger generation of Sanya's members.


A song "Because of Love in the Heart", the beautiful singing and the love and smiling faces of Sanya people appearing on the big screen, let us truly feel that we are in a loving company and country. Because of love, our lives are full of hope.


Although Sanya is a manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles, it does not lack the feminine power of tenderness. The Chinese-style dance "Fan Dance Danqing" brought by female colleagues in the production center fully demonstrates the softness and tenderness of Chinese women In the dance.


Colleagues from the production center used the Chinese characteristic rap form "three and a half sentences" to describe the humanities and interesting things that happened in Sanya. "Sanya is Our Home" fully expresses the connotation of Sanya.


A majestic "My Motherland and Me" not only echoes the theme, but also sings the aspirations of the Chinese people. My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment. No matter where I go, there is a hymn.


In order to thank the employees for their hard work, the event also set up praise-winning prizes and lucky draws, which gave out generous prizes including electric health pots, multi-function rice cookers and five Sanya electric cars.


Sanya Company also invited representatives of employees’ family members, resigned employees, representatives of suppliers and distributors to spend this warm evening with Sanya people, which reflects the "family culture" that Sanya Company has always advocated, regardless of where you are. As long as you were a Sanya person, we all welcome you home.


As a senior two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. relies on its solid product quality and excellent industry reputation to stand firm in the big waves of the industry. It is inseparable from the stability of the country and a strong The corporate culture brings together the strength of Sanya people, with the same force and the same direction, one heart and one rope, to withstand the stormy waves. Family happiness depends on hard work, and business prosperity depends on intellectual. All the hard work and dedication of Sanya people will surely gather the sonorous steps of Sanya Company, let us continue to work hard towards the goal of "creating a world-class enterprise".


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